Natalie Pula Holmes – My Place

$2,000.00 $1,200.00

Code: NH1286/11
Region: MacDonald Downs, Northern Territory
Vendor: Utopian Aboriginal Art
Medium: Polymer acrylic on Belgian linen
Size: 78 cm x 124 cm


My Place by Natalie Pula Holmes’ work is shaped by the nature and landscape of her country here in Central Australia. The shimmering multi-coloured desert landscape and birdlife is her primary source of inspiration. Her paintings are representations of land and home. She applies exuberant bursts of colour on a dark background and veils them in a lace of white.

Natalie Pula Holmes has been painting for Eastern Desert Art for the last seven years. Natalie spent her childhood in Tennant Creek with her mother, the artist Marilyn Brown. Once her mother discovered how fascinated Natalie was with her paints and different colours she encouraged her to paint. In her teens, Natalie met her husband, Neville, the son of Dudley Petrick, the Traditional Owner of this area and moved to Irriliree on MacDonald Downs, 285kms NE of Alice Springs. She and Neville now have five children – Leslie, Brennan, Dakota, Tyson and Jed. Leslie makes intricate bush toys from recycled materials at his camp.

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