Bush Turkey (Arwengerrp) Dreaming


In his work Cowboy Louie depicts his Bush Turkey (Arwengerrp) Dreaming using traditional dot symbols on a background of dark, earthy colours. His work is characterised by geometric shapes outlined in dots. The circles, points and triangles represent the Bush Turkey’s tracks and flight path as he moves between the soakages (represented by concentric circles of dots) over Cowboy Louie’s country.

The tracks of the Bush Turkey Ancestor show that this is an important creation site for the bush turkey ancestors.

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Code: CL784/08
Region: Mosquito Bore, Utopia, Northern Territory
Vendor: Eastern Desert Art
Medium: Polymer acrylic on Belgian Linen
Size: 129 cm x 196 cm
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Dimensions 129 x 196 cm